Scroll Saws

  • Excalibur Scroll Saw

  • Dewalt Scroll Saw

  • Scroll Saw Blades

  • Cat Ornament Being Cut

The key to making small intricate cuts is the Scroll Saw. I have two. The first one I bought was a DeWalt DW788 20" variable speed scroll saw (model B). It is a solid machine that works quite well. I upgraded to the General Excalibur 20" variable scroll saw. The Excalibur can be adjusted to make a finer cut, has a dust collection port and when making angled cuts, the blade tilts and not the table. I don't normally make angled cuts, but to make jigsaw puzzles, the finer cut makes the job easier.

There are many scroll saw blade sizes and brands available. The work I'm doing will dictate what blade configuration I will use. Generally I tell new scroll saw users to use a #5 skip tooth blade when using 3/4" material. I use anywhere from a #1 to a #6 blade depending on thickness and amount of detail I'm trying to achieve.

Other Tools

  • Rough Lumber

  • Jet Jointer

  • 14" Bandsaw

  • Dwalt Planer

  • Prepped Lumber

None of that matters without having stock the size you need. It is easy to acquire 3/4"-thick material, but I like to use 3/8" and 7/8" material. That means I am buying rough lumber, re-sawing it to a rough desired thickness and then planing it to the final thickness. I use an 8" jointer to flatten a face of the lumber. Then I use a 14" bandsaw with a riser (allowing for 12" cuts) to re-saw. Finally, I use a DeWalt planer with a Shelix head to thickness to the final size.

This is only a small sampling of the tools that I own, but this also gives and idea of the preparation required in order to get to the point that I can cut the pieces you see on the website.

A Note on Scale
Legos for Scale
While some of the pictures above are of the actual tools, others, the cleaner ones, are pictures of scale models I made of my power tools. This was a good Covid-19 project.
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