Wooden creations

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Animal Puzzle
Taking them apart is almost like dissection, just not as messy. No sutures required for reassembly.

Explore 134 possibilities

Block Set
Build your own worlds to explore. No permits required.

Explore 3 possibilities

Almost like pets, but they don't need to be fed.

Explore 597 possibilities

Jigsaw Puzzle
Miniature slabs of beautiful wood. Some assembly recommended.

Explore 45 possibilities

Strong as well as beautiful. Therefore, also inspiring.

Explore 626 possibilities

Napkin Ring
Play with these at the table instead of your food.

Explore 79 possibilities

Nut & Bolt
Fidget much?

Explore 29 possibilities

Of course you should decorate your home with a Pteradactyl. And a platypus.

Explore 434 possibilities

Sometimes a cube is just what you make of it.

Explore 5 possibilities

Who wouldn't want a gum massage from a hedgehog?

Explore 8 possibilities

Special Requests
Inspire me with your questions.

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