Welcome to the woodworking side of PlanX.
2015/07/10 3:00 AM PDT

I am a hybrid woodworker (one who uses hand tools and power tools) who enjoys building things. I also teach classes on various topics at a local woodworking store.

Explore the site to find details about the items I have made. There are toy figurines suitable for children (and adults), smaller figurines for display in your home or office, magnets for your fridge or favorite metal cabinet, puzzles that will challenge and delight, and ornamets to hang in a window, to create a mobile, or for holiday decoration.

The items are made from many different wood species. Often the species or the grain of the wood is chosen to emulate some feature of the original animal or object.

Most items have a simple mineral oil finish, which leaves them safe for children (and adults) and brings out the beautiful natural character of the wood.

You can reserve items that are currently in stock or request items that have not yet been made. Once all items have been gathered together, you will be contacted to arrange delivery. Some one-of-a-kind items are also shown to illustrate the beautiful possibilities but may no longer be available.

Feel free to contact me for any additional details or to make inquiries about or suggestions for items you do not see.

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New Pricing!
2016/12/01 9:33 PM PST

We are transitioning to included tax on all prices. In order to accomplish this, prices had to be adjusted. Be aware that the shopping cart still calculates the tax on the total.

Phinney Ridge Winter Festival 2017
2017/09/22 6:44 PM PDT

The store will be appearing at the Phinney Ridge Winter Festival on Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd from 10 am to 5 pm. A $4 admission is required.

Stop by and pick up your holiday gifts!